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History at Tatton Park

  • 26 May 2017
  • Author: Deb Aldred
  • Number of views: 573
History at Tatton Park
On Friday 21st April, the whole of Year Seven paid a visit to the historical Tatton park.

Part of the experience of the trip was a chance to ‘turn the clocks back’ to the medieval era, and this was made easy for us to do because we had the fabulous historical buildings around us and of course, we had the help of the actors (the staff).

After all the safety checks we split up into six groups to do all the activities that were in store.

The Manor
I really enjoyed the manor house, it looked exactly like the vision I had of it when Mrs Ames was teaching us about it. I learnt a lot about this particular house including the fact is was built in 1585 so a mere 430 years old! Considering my own house is only 15 years old, quite amazing to see something so historical. We went upstairs in the Manor where all the weapons and armour is stored and it was fascinating to see all the weapons and even try on the very heavy armour….a little bit heavier than my school blazer!

We then got to learn how to make flour in the very traditional way. This was before mills were invented so for the cook to make bread, they needed flour. This included us crushing grains from the wheat provided. We also learnt a little bit about the history of flour including the fact the Egyptians used the warmth of the sun to make dough from the flour they made by hand.

The Harvest
Everybody on the trip then made a corn dolly. During medieval time, a good harvest was so important to everyone and people believed that if you had possessed one of these wheat symbols than you would likely have a good harvest. Colour played an important part such as a gold ribbon = the sun, a red ribbon = the rain.

Tatton has a lush parkland where over 400 Red and Fallow deer roam freely within its 1,000 acres of Parkland. In the main hall, we learnt about how the Lord would go hunting for deer for his daily competition. Whomever got the biggest deer, won that day’s competition The deer that the lord caught, would then go on display and the rest would be his evening meal.

In this activity, our two groups came together. Personally, I think archery was the highlight of the day and it was really good fun but very difficult to do. We each had three arrows to try and hit the scarecrow and depending upon where you hit the scarecrow, you got a range of points. Archery also created a very lively atmosphere because of the competition the staff created for us and every team was trying very hard to win!

This was our last and final activity of the day. We all came together to watch two of our classmates, Mark H and Mitchell N being put in stocks for the ‘naughty’ deeds. We all found this hilarious and wanted them to stay there whilst we headed back for school….well not really, the stocks looked very uncomfortable and hopefully not an idea Mr Walton develops for our school!

Overall, I found Tatton Park to be an amazing experience and really helps bring what we are learning in lessons to life. If you are reading this and have not yet visited Tatton Park, I would strongly recommend a visit.

Mollie M - Y7

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