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The following school policies are available by clicking on each relevant policy below:
AKS Lytham_Staff List with Email_01Sep2017.xls AKS Lytham_Staff List with Email_01Sep2017
AKS_Academic Performance Statement_SS_CWJ_Website Version.pdf AKS_Academic Performance Statement_SS_CWJ_Website Version
AKS_Administration of Medicines_WS_Matron.pdf AKS_Administration of Medicines_WS_Matron
AKS_Admissions Policy and Procedures_WS_PC.pdf AKS_Admissions Policy and Procedures_WS_PC
AKS_Aims and Ethos Statement_WS_WSLT.pdf AKS_Aims and Ethos Statement_WS_WSLT
AKS_Anti Bullying Policy and Procedures_WS_JAC.pdf AKS_Anti Bullying Policy and Procedures_WS_JAC
AKS_Behaviour Policy and Procedures_WS_JAC.pdf AKS_Behaviour Policy and Procedures_WS_JAC
AKS_Child Protection (Safeguarding)_WS_JAC.pdf AKS_Child Protection (Safeguarding)_WS_JAC
AKS_Complaints Policy and Procedures_WS_CWJ.pdf AKS_Complaints Policy and Procedures_WS_CWJ
AKS_Curriculum Policy_WS_CWJ.pdf AKS_Curriculum Policy_WS_CWJ
AKS_Data Protection Policy_WS_CWJ.pdf AKS_Data Protection Policy_WS_CWJ
AKS_Discipline and Exclusions Policy and Procedures_WS_JAC.pdf AKS_Discipline and Exclusions Policy and Procedures_WS_JAC
AKS_Drugs Misuse Policy_WS_JAC.pdf AKS_Drugs Misuse Policy_WS_JAC
AKS_Educational Visits and Activities Off Site_WS_AJM_Website.pdf AKS_Educational Visits and Activities Off Site_WS_AJM_Website
AKS_Equal Opportunities_WS_JAC.pdf AKS_Equal Opportunities_WS_JAC
AKS_First Aid Policy and Procedures_WS_Matron.pdf AKS_First Aid Policy and Procedures_WS_Matron
AKS_Health and Safety Policy_WS_Bursar.pdf AKS_Health and Safety Policy_WS_Bursar
AKS_ICT Acceptable Usage Policy_WS_DGJC.pdf AKS_ICT Acceptable Usage Policy_WS_DGJC
AKS_Local Offer_EYFS17.pdf AKS_Local Offer_EYFS17
AKS_Provision of Information Policy_WS_CWJ.pdf AKS_Provision of Information Policy_WS_CWJ
AKS_PSHE Policy and Curriculum_WS_HAH.pdf AKS_PSHE Policy and Curriculum_WS_HAH
AKS_Rules Rewards and Sanctions Policy_JS_KRW.pdf AKS_Rules Rewards and Sanctions Policy_JS_KRW
AKS_Rules Rewards and Sanctions_SS_JAC.pdf AKS_Rules Rewards and Sanctions_SS_JAC
AKS_School Contact Details_WS_CWJ.pdf AKS_School Contact Details_WS_CWJ
AKS_Special Educational Needs Policy and Procedures_WS_EJL.pdf AKS_Special Educational Needs Policy and Procedures_WS_EJL
AKS_Wellbeing Policy_WS_CWJ.pdf AKS_Wellbeing Policy_WS_CWJ

All school policies can also be requested from the General Office.

As a professional institution and part of United Learning, please click here to read the Group's 'Behaviour of Visitors' policy. 

With regard to Child Protection, the school's approach to the care of our children aims to ensure that the children will feel secure, that they will be able to talk, and feel that they will be heard.

The PSHE curriculum plays a crucial role in this process. Although this formal curriculum is important, the culture of the school, the strength of the tutorial system and the positive relationships formed between children and teachers all strengthen our overall level of care and increase the likelihood that that our children may feel able to confide in us, and that we will ourselves be aware of any causes for concern. Our day-to-day contact with the children means that we are well placed to observe any child protection issues.

Mrs J Cooper is the designated Child Protection Officer in the Senior School. Miss K Wright is the designated Child Protection Officer in the Junior Schools/Nurseries. Mr P Hayden and Miss J Allen are the deputy DSPs respectively in the Senior and Junior Schools. All staff receive training on child protection issues, and this training is regularly updated.

The Children Act (1989) requires that all school staff pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child's welfare, including risk from non-accidental injury, neglect, emotional or sexual abuse, to the Headmaster and/or the designated Child Protection Officer. The school will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with parents and, where possible, seek their consent for any referral to the Social Services Department. However, this can only be done where such discussion and agreement will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm.

In all such matters, the school is bound by and willingly complies with its legal obligations and, with regard to the above, the School follows the procedures set out in our Child Protection Policy. This full policy is available by clicking on the link above.

The United Learning Safeguarding Children guidelines are available by clicking the following link http://bit.ly/Zt3ezP

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United Learning comprises: UCST (Registered in England No: 2780748. Charity No. 1016538) and ULT (Registered in England No. 4439859. An Exempt Charity) Companies limited by guarantee.
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